Choosing the best automatic ball thrower for dogs

Pets need not only attention but play time as well. However, due to the busy schedules, it becomes hard to spend time with your pets.  Luckily, technology has made our lives easier. You can now get an automatic ball launcher for your pet.  Your dog can now chase the balls as many times as they want. Make sure that you buy something that is suitable for both you and your pet.   Here is what to look for in an automatic ball thrower.



Your budget should be the number one priority when you are in search of an automatic ball thrower. The price differs depending on the brand. You need to research to find the brand the one that offers you the price that fits within your budget.  Ensure that you get the one that you buy has all the features that you need.  You should not buy a device that will not perform as required.   It will be costly if you buy cheap equipment that will get damaged in a short time.


The functionality of the semi-auto model depends on its durability. Automatic models function differently. The fully automatic model requires you to drop a tennis ball in the bowl. You can either train your dog to drop the tennis ball, or you have to do it yourself. Some of the functionality points that you need to look for includes whether the battery is rechargeable and if the launcher needs to be plugged. You can also check how far the equipment can launch the ball.


There are different types of automatic ball launcher. There are those that use rechargeable batteries. There are those launchers that you need to operate them, and there are still those which you can train your dog to use. You need to be sure about the type of launcher that you want.  If you have a busy schedule, then you can go for the fully automatic launcher.  The semi-automatic launcher is suitable for anyone who is on a tight budget.  You have endless options to choose from when it comes to automatic dog ball launcher.

Added features

added features

Just like other electronic device, ball launchers have different features.  You need to check whether the launch distance can be adjusted for use outdoors and indoors. With both options, your pet can play anytime.  There are launchers that allow you to adjust the angles.  You have to choose the one that has the feature you are looking for.