Macs are very slick computers that can run well for very many years. However, it is still a computer and is bound to experience the hitches these other computers face like bugs, slowing down and other computer related problems. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the machine safe and running smoothly.

Smart ways to keep your Mac running smoothly

1. Reduce utilities and services running in the background

tyjgnfhdgePeople tend to leave so many tasks running in the background like Bluetooth, printers, home networks among others that involve data being sent to the internet. When all these apps are running in the background, they tend to monopolize the RAM leading to a slow down of the Mac. To find out which apps are running in the background, one can check on the navigation bar where the battery icon is. The more icons there are, the more the apps that are running making your Mac very slow.

2. Regular data backup

Macs are not immune to crashing or developing hard drive problems. For this reason, one should ensure that they do a regular backup of data. There are numerous ways of backing up data including a cloud backup for those files that are no longer fitting on your Mac. The other way is by cloning one’s entire hard drive since it is easiest to restore.


3. Cleaning out old files

This may be a regular necessity for those having a Mac without a bigger hard drive space. One should regularly clean out the old files such as songs, videos and other word documents that they are no longer using. This will help make the Mac run smoothly. Tech n Track recommends that the disk should have at least ten percent free space all the time. Having a full drive will also need regular cleaning and backing up of old files to may be an external hard drive. Also, avoid making your Mac more cluttered.

4. Running a disk utility

All Macs have a disk utility program installed by the manufacturer. This program should be opened and run four times in a year. This will ensure that the hard disk is healthy and functional. The disk utility carries out various functions on your Mac. It repairs the disk permissions and also the disk itself. It is used to handle a hard disk or hard drive that is corrupt or has any other errors.

5. Keeping a clean desktop

It is common for people to save all their frequently used apps on the desktop. However, this is a bad habit since it slows down the running of the Mac. The more icons one has on their desktop, the less space the RAM has to run on. One would rather have the icons in folders rather than cluttering their desktop.wertythhfgdfs

6. Software updates

One will always be alerted if there is a software update. Updating software as to when the updates are available is a safety measure to ensure that your Mac will not have bugs and will be well equipped to handle any future problems.