ASSISTANCE LEAGUE® of Conejo Valley’s Transitional Living Care project, or TLC, serves young adults, ages 16-19, who are aging out of the foster care system. Once these youth turn eighteen and also graduate from high school they are no longer covered by the foster care system and are on their own. This program seeks to help them in the transition.

We work with the youth through a partnership with The Transitional Housing Program (THP) of Interface Children Family Services of Ventura County. There is space for eight young adults in four apartments in a semi-independent setting with the security of an on-site supervisor. The apartments are provided by Ventura County’s Many Mansions. In order to become a part of the program, the youth must submit an application, including letters of recommendation, and complete an interview. Candidates are referred from County of Ventura Human Services Agency (HSA) Children’s Services Social Workers or County of Ventura Probation Officers.

The youth must attend high school or be working on their GED, obtain and maintain employment, plan and prepare their own meals, deal with household budgeting and management, do their own cleaning and grocery shopping, access public transportation when necessary and maintain sobriety.

ASSISTANCE LEAGUE of Conejo Valley provides these young adults with household items for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms as well as mentoring and scholarships. Seminars for mentoring include cooking, personal appearance, household maintenance, health awareness, finance, career counseling and personality type identification. ASSISTANCE LEAGUE of Conejo Valley also greets new participants with a Welcome Basket, a laundry basket filled with things to help the youth to settle into their new home. Often included are a first aid kit, a flashlight, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, toilet paper, peanut butter and jelly, bread, butter, tuna, mayonnaise, cereal, noodle soup, frozen dinners, orange juice and fresh fruit. Holidays, birthdays and graduations are acknowledged with cards or gifts. Hairstyling is also offered.

When the participants turn eighteen and graduate from high school, they must leave the program. ASSISTANCE LEAGUE of Conejo Valley then gives them a “footlocker” of household items to help them further in their transition to life on their own. The footlocker usually includes dishes, glasses, pots and pans. As they move on to become adults we can only hope that we have given them a helping hand and an incentive to become responsible members of their communities.

Jan Alton,
Chairperson, TLC 2003-2004

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