Philanthropy Projects
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OPERATION SCHOOL BELL®…..provides clothing and backpacks filled with school supplies to children in need, thus allowing them to attend school with
an enhanced sense of self esteem. Through referrals from teachers and from principals in our local school districts, children are outfitted as needed. ALCV provides backpacks, school supplies, shoes, socks, and complete sets of new clothing. This project also distributes School Nurse Kits, containing emergency clothing to over thirty elementary schools.

SHARE-A-BEAR…….puts cuddly stuffed bears into the arms of children who are in crisis or trauma situations. “Casey Bears” are distributed through the local hospitals, emergency response teams and social service organizations. Senior citizens in local nursing homes are also provided with the comfort of these bears and the fellowship of a visit from our volunteers.

“WHAT IF I’M HOME ALONE?”……is a safety and self-awareness program that is presented by ALCV members to students in our local schools. Through the use of a video, role-playing and a take-home workbook, the children are encouraged to take charge of their safety by understanding the appropriate actions to take in the face of potentially dangerous situations.

SCREENING EYES EARLY… a program that checks preschool children for a number of vision problems that can adversely affect their academic progress.

TRANSITIONAL LIVING CARE …. serves young adults who are aged between 16 and 18, and who are leaving the Foster Care System. It provides scholarships, household items, mentoring, and emotional support.

ASSAULT SURVIVORS KITS®…provides emergency clothing and grooming kits to victims of assault through the District Attorney’s office of Ventura County.